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Coordination Team :
The management of Harsha Trust rests with its Coordination Team (CT). The CT comprises the ED, the Coordinators, Representatives of Finance & Accounts and HR. They disseminate and uphold the culture of the organization and are responsible for its health, formulate plans and budgets, integrate the operations and functions, create synergy, evolve policies and guidelines, set goals, review and monitor the organization’s performance, interact with the outside world and communicate the work of the organization and build and nurture relationships with external stakeholders.
Team :
A TL, Executives and Assistants comprise a Team.
A Team is responsible for giving life to the mission of Harsha Trust, achieving goals and objectives, grooming new professionals, nurturing partnerships, raising and utilizing financial resources

The Organization Layout:

All professional staff meets in a Retreat to exchange experience and broadly chart out future directions. The Retreat provides an opportunity for the professional staff to get to know each other better; take stock and renew their commitment to the mission of Harsha Trust; share experiences; learn from one another; discuss issues of common concern and reinforce a sense of belonging.


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