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Pramila Naik is a tribal women farmer of Putiachura village of Golamunda block, which is 23 km distance from block HQ. She has 2.5 acres of land for growing crops. The only source of income for the family is Agriculture and agri and non agri labour. Her dependence on rainfall has made her more vulnerable, as the year the rains fail, the paddy fails and hunger looms large.
Pramila Naik as a member of the SHG started participating in every training and meeting. In the training she heard of Onion farmers of village Khaliapalli, tons of onions being sold by the farmers to PPCL and acres of cultivation in summer. Inspired she convinced her husband on cultivating at least .25 acres of onion as an experiment. After her initial successes,
In December 2017 they cultivated .25 acre by purchasing NASIK RED seeds @Rs250/-per kg from the Horticulture department. The couple followed the process technically by learning from neighboring farmers and from our professionals. In April 2018 they harvested 9 quintals of the crop and earned Rs 9000/- by selling @ Rs10/- per kg.

After one month of pre harvesting, she finally harvested her whole area of Onion and acquired 17 quintal and sold @ Rs9/- per kg. Besides she had intercropped greens in between the crop and earned Rs2000/- by selling in locally. All total she earned Rs23800/- from the 50 cent land which she never had expected to earn in a season.

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