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Solar Energy Based Chilli Grinding Machine:

In rural areas of Bissamcuttack block of Rayagada district of Odisha, there is a sizeable opportunity for production of chilli and turmeric. Thus Harsha Trust promoted chilli production in Sikarpai village of K.Singhpur block in Rayagada District in a scale. Due to the favorable climatic conditions, farmers of the block do chilli extensively. They not only use it for their domestic consumption but also use it as a prime business model based on the demand for the same in that locality. Nine villages in one Gram Panchayat of K.Singhpur block, whose population is about 1,180, are engaged in chilli cultivation as one of their major produce. Thus Harsha Trust decided to establish a processing unit for chilli in the locale.

The opportunities available for setting up a Chilli Processing Unit:

  • In a single cluster of 5 villages, there are Harsha Trust promoted Producer Groups (PGs) working with 66 beneficiaries, all engaged in chilli cultivation covering 17 acres of land.
  • In an adjacent cluster, there are 4 villages, where more than 50 farmers are engaged in chilli cultivation.
  • During our survey we also found that, due to the lack of processing units these farmers had to sell chilli at very low prices (distress sale).
  • Some farmers are also selling after grinding/crushing the chilli manually.

Based on need and demand from the farmers of these locations and availability of the produce, Harsha Trust installed a solar energy based chilli grinding machine under the supervision of Maa Salari PG in the village Krushnanagar, Sikarpai Gram Panchayat of K.Singhpur block in Rayagada district.

  • Locally available produce is used as raw material for the processing unit (to run the business model) throughout the year, as all the beneficiaries are members of the Maa Salari PG.
  • There is opportunity for the said business in that area because of local supply & demand along with availability of market.
  • Managed by the SHG and marketed through Harsha Trust promoted FPO is expected to help run the business in a sustainable scaled manner.
  • Income realizations for the SHG members indicate that, this processing centre is a major livelihood option for them.

Income realization during the pilot period is shown below, based on data provided by PG:

Outcome Data of Solar Based Chilli Unit(1)
Total Beneficiaries (people)5
Total Amount of Chilli(Kg)507
Total Machine Run Time (hours)55.67
Total Amount Collected₹2,515

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