Agro Horticulture Plantation For Climate Change

Harsha Trust initiated orchard development as well as agro-forestry plantation with the small and marginal farmers in the unbunded uplands. The activity not only supports a tribal family for getting an additional income of at least Rs.30000/- per annum but also it has a great impact on environment too. The tap root system has played a great role in retaining the top soil which are high in nutrient content. As we are focusing on Mango and Cashew plants, the developed canopy contributes towards release in oxygen.

The inter-cropping with developed technologies also give value to the nutritional food security, additional seasonal income along with improves the soil health condition. The different soil conservation measures as a part of the program also helps in improving the water holding capacity of the soil. The shedding of older leaves also helps in increasing biomass in the soil and facilitates the microbial activity which also has a great role in production enhancement. About 7500 farmers are covered under this activity.