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Dipali says…. Mo Bagicha Satare Mora Bahut Upakara Karuchi (The benefits of my garden are immense)

Dipali Gadeli, living in the village of Koudiguda in the Markapalli, Block of Malkangiri joined as a Women’s Self Help Group member in May 2019. The SHG then joined the Grama Devi CLF (Cluster Level Forum).
She has a family of four. As a part of the intervention, the SHG (of which she is a part of) received different types of services from the GPLF (Gram Panchayat Level Federation).
Dipali Gadeli realized the urgency of improving the family’s nutritional status, post her regular attendance in the PLA-LANN meeting. Thus she decided to prepare a ‘Mo Upakari Bagicha’ (My beneficial garden) in her homestead land. The Krushi Mitra of that village helped her with the layout a ‘large circle’ Mo Upakari Bagicha Model. Though they had their doubts and hesitations during the layout stage, as they had never seen a garden structure of this kind, but they soon overcame them. Post preparation of bed she received thirteen (13) types of vegetable seeds in her kit in the Kharif season and seventeen (17) types in the Rabi season from the Markapalli Gram Panchayat Level Federation, which was provided by OLM Malkangiri. Post organic seed treatment, the seeds were sown.
In the Kharif season she harvested 2kgs of vegetables from her ‘Mo Upakari Bagicha’ every day, which was enough for her family and she even shared vegetables with her neighbours. Then she renovated the garden for the Rabi season and grew vegetables again; her family has organic vegetables from their own garden now in their diet, irrespective of season.

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