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Leha Pangi

Multiplying goats, multiply Leha’s fortunes.

Leha Pangi, a young girl of Cherka village of Boipariguda block in Koraput district decided to join a SHG promoted by Harsha Trust along with 32 others from her community in May 2017. She wanted to save with the SHG and start goat rearing as an activity. She constructed a goat shelter and with the support of Rs 20,000/- from the SHG she purchased 5 female goats in September 2017. Subsequently she requested for an orientation on goat rearing for her and her SHG members from Harsha Trust. Jihobajeri SHG where Leha was a member was not functional. With the support of Harsha Trust the group was revived. Leha learnt goat rearing & its benefits after three months of handholding support. Her family had very little land holding and goat rearing helped urgently add to the family kitty.

Leha Pangi is a member of the Cluster Level Federation; (A village level forum of 3 SHGs of her village). She meticulously manages her goat rearing business. She has maintained the vaccine & de- worming calendar for all the animals. Now Leha has 25 goat of which 9 are male and18 female. In the last three years she purchased three more female goats and sold five male goats for Rs 20,000/-. She says that in the last three years she has spent about Rs 3,000 (approx) on vaccination & de-worming. The mortality of animals is very low, with 3 goat dying in three years.

Her family has reached a level of surplus income from a subsistence income level within 3 years just by goat rearing. The stock value is now Rs 90,000. Now she has also constructed a well furnished shed for her goats. She is building a concrete house for the family from her incomes. She has also submitted a proposal to the Block Veterinary Officer, Boipariguda to provide support for a goat rearing farm, with 200 goats. She is an ideal for other CLF & SHG Member in Cherka GP.

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