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Dry Ration

The pandemic has taken a deep toll on society with the underprivileged being the hardest hit. As the second wave progresses and unemployment is at an all time high in the history of independent India the remittance coming to rural India from the cities has dried up. This coupled with lack of demand both in the rural and urban markets due to reduced disposable income, social distancing norms and a general sense of fear has led to slower recovery than previously expected. Agriculture is the major source of income in the region and many also depend on migrant labour and selling non timber forest products (NTFP). The demand of the later two has shrunk tremendously since the break of the second wave. Agriculture which proved to be somewhat of a Teflon industry last time around is also affected this time. All these factors combined have left rural households with little cash and no savings. We are reaching out to rural communities in the remotest of the villages of the state with comprehensive Dry Ration Kits in 13 blocks. This process is being aided by a well-trained relief corps of local youths. The initiative has till now benefited more than 3,500 families. We are ensuring that our Annadatas do not suffer further due to lack of ration in these desperate times.

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