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Community Isolation Center (CIC)

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been devastating for the country with deaths numbering in millions and millions of others pushed back to poverty due to its economic impact. An average Indian in the rural areas used to live in around 100 sq. ft. space in their house in the pre COVID times. This has been worsened due to the influx of migrants during the first wave to the rural areas owing to lack of employment opportunities in the cities. This has led to households living in even more crammed up spaces than they lived before. This coupled with the lack of proper hygiene has led to faster spread of the virus in rural areas than the previous wave. Our frontline warriors have helped identify 36 unused community infrastructures in villages and turn them into Community Isolation Centers (CIC) to address the self-isolation needs of these communities. Suspected and confirmed COVID patients are isolating in and these isolation centers are being regularly monitored by our frontline warriors. The patients that require medical attention are referred to the nearest medical facilities.

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