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Awareness is the only antidote.

Second wave of the pandemic in April,2021 brought in the deadly mutant version of the Coronavirus, to fight which, awareness is the only antidote. To curb its spread, we planned to start a massive sensitization campaign in our operational areas. On 12th May, 2021, our proactive cadres working in interior, hilly forested pockets, sprung to action with announcements in local language and dialects (Odia, Kalahandia, Desia, Kui, Parajaa), Sachetanta Rath and COVID costume walks to fight misinformation, reinforce vaccination and COVID Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) such as social distancing, handwashing and using double masks, by also demonstrating the proper ways of doing so. Also, painting circles in white to ensure physical distancing at shops, tubewells, banks and vaccination centres is being done. So far, we have covered more than 1.63lac households, 1,505 villages, 251 Gram Panchayats,19 blocks and 6 districts of remote regions of Southern and Western Odisha.

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