Shrikant Mohanta

joined along in this journey on the 1st of June 2004, who was working in another organization called PRADAN, Jharkhand on contractual basis. Harsha is kind of borne from PRADAN. So the work culture in Harsha is similar to PRADAN. He was invited to Harsha by the founder member to join as a staff member. Again the work place would be in Odisha. So he preferred to join in Harsha though I was enjoying my work in PRADAN. He has always noticed a different growth in
the organization all together, as they were only 12 members when he had first joined the trust, he says When I joined the total strength of Harsha was 12 but now we are 127.
Maintaining the strict culture of delivering the right job within the allotted time, within the allotted budget without compromising on quality, transparency and accountability and reaching a farmer base of 36000 from mere some hundred in 2004 is clearly visible before me.
In terms of challenges, I would say, to work with a community who are satisfied with less, to make them dissatisfied by enlarging their needs and again trying to satisfy them by fulfilling all those enlarged needs.
He was a lone soldier working as a team leader for a year who had a clear cut vision, being to establish some good work here so that new members would come and we enlarge our livelihood activity with larger number of people. So when I joined my sole objective was to establish a team here as like other teams of Harsha and do some good work so that other team members will appreciate me. Later on my visions became clearer and I tried to change the economic situation of this remote location of Odisha.
Harsha has grown very quickly to a big size and so almost 70% of people have joined harsha in 2 to 3 years. I doubt whether all these new members have understood Harsha Vision. But I am sure lots of sharing happens in the organization.
When asked where he would see Harsha in the next five years, In next five years Harsha will be the best livelihood promoting organization in Odisha. We would ensure livelihood of at least 500,000 people of Odisha.

Lastly, personally a factor that got him was Thinking has not radically changed but leadership of our Ex Executive director, Jiten, brought clarity in my thoughts about how to ensure livelihood of rural people.