Payal Nayak

I joined the organization in 2013 on a part time assignment to anchor HR and Institution building. My daughter was nine months old and I was not ready for a full time engagement. The first memory of the organization that I cherish is an air of honesty and genuinity. Everyone in the organization shares the vision and are keen to improve the quality of life of the rural poor.
People are in general sensitive to others, be it their colleagues or their communities.
The organization has grown quite a lot since I joined. One of the areas of growth has been in the development of its human resource. The organization has a defined training calendar and has grounded a performance management system. It is making progress in the area of quality management and leadership Development.
When I joined, I was a little apprehensive. Prior to this I had worked with national and international agencies and was not sure how much it could help me learn more. However, after 2 years I can boldly say that Harsha Trust has taught me more than any other agency over the last 10 years of my experience with the development sector. It has given me the space to expand my knowledge in any area of choice, be in HR or Programme. My colleagues are extremely supportive and have been my pillars of strength. Everything that I have been enageged in here has been a completely new area for me. With a Master Degree in Gender and Development, I plunged into HR and I was not even sure If I would like it. However, it is one of the best things that have happened to me, I am learning so much about people and thereby about myself. It is very encouraging to see that the various capacity building programmes have been impacting the lives of many communities. Harsha Trust has changed my perspective of career development. It has taught me to think critically and act empathetically. It has taught me that people are the backbone of any agency and love and care are more important than mere rules.
In future, I see Harsha Trust continue to stay true to its values as it has been all these years. I also see the organization impacting a lot more lives in many more locations. I a sure in the days to come we will develop many robust livelihood models and have many more professionals of high quality and integrity who hold and share the values of the organization.