Judhistir Bar

The trust has been developing tremendously with time and has been internally strengthening the organization. For Gautam, this trust gave him a lot of experience and On the other hand, Coordinator (Finance and Accounts) who joined the journey in 2006 said, the best learning for him was learning about financial interests and Patience development. Harsha trust has now not only found efficiency or quality workers but is also systematic financially. Judhistir who joined this trust on December 14, 2006 worked previously in PRADAN had heard of the trust via a colleague.
A few challenges that he faced were working as an accounts coordinator. He mentioned one of the main challenges he accomplished was getting an 80G certificate that was provided by the income tax. He had mainly joined to get a job in Bhubaneswar but stuck to the organization forward. For him, his vision is to the seek the best accounts service in the organization.
A common thread between everyone is that each of them are extremely happy with their co-workers. They are extremely supportive and will try and align their visions together in the trust.
With this support and integrity, their first mission right in 2002 was β€œTo build the capability of the people and to address the people in a sustainable way.” Later, it changed to improving the quality of people.” With time, the organization has been developing with greater visions and all the members are articulate to be in this organization because it is equally important to build an organization as an institution.
Though it is very hard to stay away from our families especially my parents, but the excitement I received from my job fulfill that gap. By doing development works I got some tough objectives in my life which provides me energy to stay away from my family and serve the society.